Joining a New Church

Religious Classes for Converts


Children seldom have a choice of what religion they will practice, but adults have a chance to decide what faith they will join. For students who have been raised within a faith, there is the assumption they know and understand many of the rituals and their purpose. Adults who have decided to convert to a new religion must go through all the steps, so they must take classes to help ensure they understand their religious commitment. Their classes are given in a shorter time period than those for children raised in the faith, and they focus on making adult decisions about religion.

Converting to a new faith requires that the person making the choice understands fully the commitment they are making, and classes designed for them will give their instructors a clear picture of their understanding. If they do not understand the fundamental beliefs underneath each ritual, they will not be allowed to participate in them. Depending on the faith, there are rituals that are required for acceptance.

Confirming a new member of the faith is often a large event within any church, so ensuring they understand the fundamentals is important. Unlike children, adults often grasp the concepts quickly. They often need more help with the practice of many specific rituals connected with that particular faith, and many religious educators may tend to provide more instruction in this area.

If a convert feels they do not understand or know what is expected of them, their commitment might be nullified by church leaders. There are often a series of tests to help determine if a person really understands the religious commitment necessary to join the faith, but they do not always disqualify a potential convert. Many religious organizations prefer to welcome new members, and they would rather give the person additional assistance with their studies than turn them away.